Happy New Year

Happy new year to all!

Let’s start with the good news first. OpSim 0.02 is expected to see first light in 2018! Behind the screens a lot of things happened, though less than desired. I’m struggling with my daytime job, personal life and other interests as everyone does. Developing OpSim is only a small aspect of my occupations. However, developing OpSim and creating something from the ground up is my long term goal. Anyone interested in this journey and willing to participate in any form is greatly appreciated and welcomed.

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Monthly update August, 2016

Hi all! Here’s the second monthly update on OpSim and it’s development. Unfortunately there was no time for me in May, June and July to write up an update, but that means that I have more to share this time!
In total 28 commits were made over the last three months. This does not sound impressive, but it has involved a lot of work on different area’s of the project, ranging from a new build system to the beginnings of a new UI!
Please note that we are always welcoming people that would like to join this project! Even if your contribution is small or limited to a specific area, feel free to join our team.
Here’s a recap of the work done during May, June and July.
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A new physical properties library

Here’s a new addition to OpSim! In revision 390 I have moved the physical properties (PP) library from my working branch to trunk. Together with this library the beginnings of the physical properties database has been imported into trunk. In total 57 components have been entered into the database with models for currently still only a few physical properties. With this library we are taking a large step towards a proper physical simulation environment.
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First light for the new user interface

After a few weeks worth of work, thought and consideration, finally a new user interface for OpSim has seen its first light! The new interface will be non-blocking, non-modal and non-overlapping. It will also allow the end user to easily create and modify the layout to it’s own likings. Additionally multiple window/monitor support is foreseen in the new design. Continue reading “First light for the new user interface”

A new build system for OpSim

Here’s a post about the new build system called FMake that has been developed for OpSim. Until now OpSim was a Lazarus project with a Lazarus project file. However, over the last weeks (and still some planned), FPC only libraries have been added to trunk. Looking forward tells us that OpSim will need a build system some day eventually.
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Monthly update April, 2016

Hi all! This is the first of hopefully many monthly updates on the development of OpSim. The updates will be posted on the website and forwarded to the mailing lists and forum around the end/beginning of each month.
The first commit after more than 8 years was done again on march 23rd 2016. Since this commit a lot of work has been done and quite some plans have been made. Please note that we are always welcoming people that would like to join this project! Even if your contribution is small or limited to a specific area, feel free to join our team.
Here’s a recap of the work done over the previous month.
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A chemical formula library

As of SVN revision 371, OpSim is equipped with a chemical formula (CHF) library. This library makes it possible to evaluate chemical formulas and parse them into its constituting atoms. Currently only atom listing and a molecular mass calculator are implemented. At a later stage the CHF library might also be used to manage an atom balance and calculate properties such as the theoretical chemical oxygen demand among other things.
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New unit converter library

In rev 360 a new unit converter (UNC for short) library has been added to OpSim trunk. This library already implements 41 unit quantities and in total 430 CAPE-OPEN compliant unit conversions. In ./branches/opsim_darius/unit_conv one can find a comprehensive list of units that still need to be checked and adjusted before they can be added to the OpSim UNC library.
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Hello World!

This is the first post on the new OpSim website. After a hiatus of more than 8 years, work on the OpSim project has again been taken on. Our first goal is to get a basic working simulator implemented. To achieve this will take a lot of work. If you are interested in joining the project then please contact any of the administrators.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming period.